What Sets Us Apart

Your Dental Care Partner

We believe the best pediatric dentistry, healthiest smiles, and happiest little patients happen when we partner with you as a parent.

  • We Listen! We promise to listen without judgment, respect your situation, and find solutions that fit your family’s needs.
  • We Communicate! Communication goes two ways: we will always be direct and transparent with you, ethical in our responses, and responsible with treatment. You’ll always be fully informed of what’s happening with your child’s health, what Dr. Rosy recommends, and what to expect.
  • We Educate! You are the person best positioned to improve and maintain your child’s oral health. We’ll empower you and your little one with lots of practical guidance, information, and support, and encourage each child to take ownership of their smile!
  • We’re here to Serve You! Dr. Rosy and our team believe we’re here to serve you and your family’s needs, not the other way around. We provide a welcoming, pampering, trusting atmosphere, where we hope you and your child will feel at home. Taking care of your child’s smile should be a stress-free part of your life and we do everything possible to make it so!

Dr Rosy and our entire dental team are dedicated to your child's health and helping maintain his or her beautiful smile for many years to come. We look forward to getting to know you and your family. Please contact our Lake Elsinore pediatric dental practice to learn more about the care we provide and schedule an appointment.